Discreet Duress Alert activation ( Touch screen or button )

3 Level Emergency Alert sent to Family, Friends, Control room

Immediate Authorities notification/Action taken

Instant 30 Sec audio recording and remote listen in

What is a DURESS Wrist WATCH and how does it work ?

The Smart Duress wrist Watch is a wearable technology that appears to be just like an ordinary smart watch so no one knows that is a DURESS wrist watch and it can be linked and/or monitored by family members, control room, colleagues, building’s Security Guards, close friends and even trusted neighbours where action can be taken to get help from the authorities when the DURESS function is triggered by the user of the Smart DURESS Watch .

It is designed to make a panic button discretely into a watch you can bring it anywhere you go, home, office, shops, workplace .

Complete with its own command centre that function as a professional central monitoring system always on the lookout for any untoward incident, and admin portal where managing information is made easier and in order.

Comes with a desktop app and smartphone app that works exactly like the watch. It also has a separate alert button that makes raising an alert even more easier especially for senior citizens and persons with disability.

Sending emergency signals is now easier within the workspace. With the latest technology, calling for help during any type of emergency is at your fingertips.


  • Discreet alerting of DURESS
  • Escalate through duress levels: Green to Orange to Red – the highest priority level
  • Touchscreen or button trigger
  • Team-based, peer to peer alerting
  • Instant audio recording and remote listen in live (SIP)
  • Receive & respond to alerts easily
  • WiFi & LTE-based connection
  • GPS, Cell & WiFi location tracking

What is different about this Smart DURESS wrist Watch ?

Smart DURESS Watch is user friendly-easy to operate and equipped with the capabilities of the leading smart watches in the market but focused on making emergency alert systems easier and more accessible to everyone . The logos and themes are customisable to suit individuals. It has the latest technology suitable to different applications including Domestic, Commercial & Industrial use .