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Introduction to CCTV

The term CCTV means ‘closed circuit television’. These systems tend to be comprised of a video recording device, an LED or LCD screen, any number of mounted and remotely-accessible cameras, data cabling and access terminals.

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This technology was initially created for use by security personnel, but it has found a variety of uses in various other contexts. These include accident prevention, ensuring that workers are being as productive as possible, and many other purposes. The majority of systems that we provide our clients with are remote-accessible via desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or any device with a secure and reliable internet connection.

The Melbourne Security team consists of CCTV installers in Melbourne who love to design and create CCTV systems that incorporate a wide variety of technologies from various brands. We are retailers and suppliers of 1080p HD products from retailers such as Bosch, Samsung, Ness, Eon and Sony. Our products are an excellent choice in a variety of contexts, including single-camera residential set-ups and extensively networked corporate situations where over 100 IP cameras are required.

Our CCTV installation experts find great pleasure in designing fully-featured and complex systems that many other organisations would not be able to plan out or implement. In our capacity as CCTV installers in Melbourne, we have over 14 years of experience when it comes to providing residences and business properties with quality security solutions.

Our product selection includes CCTV items from ranges like Samsung Techwin, Ness, EON and Sony Effio-E.

All of our Melbourne Security CCTV installation staff members are fully insured, extensively qualified, professional and friendly. It’s our guarantee that they’ll work as hard as they possibly can to find a security solution for your unique requirements.

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